Andrew 15 April, 2011 Products

Our products are aimed at helping you understand your brand or product better.

Our standard service will determine what words are in context with your product or brand.

New product launch - Brand Aura: discover.  This new product will allow you to discover what words are used in context with your brand, at a very affordable price.  For more information about this product, please refer to our blog.

More advanced services will include a breakdown of how these words change depending on the underlying demographic.

In addition, our advanced services will allow you to compare your brand and products against those of your competitors. What words differentiate you from your closest competitor? Why do people like or not like your product? Or those of your competitors?

Finally, we can track these changes over time, which could be as a result of your own marketing activity, therefore giving you the ability to directly measure the impact of your campaigns and realise true Business Intelligence for your ongoing strategy.

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