David Law resignation over 11700 tweets analysed

We have analysed twitter responses since the announcement of the David Laws resignation.

Contextual analysis of David Law’s resignation

Source: 11,788 twitter comments 8,971 of them being unique tweets (not retweets).

Please click on the data cloud to view fully. The words closest to the centre are those repeated the most in context to Laws.

Top retweets numbers and tweet details

161 RT @iaindale: I’m told David Laws has just resigned.
76 RT @davidschneider: The really sad thing about David Laws is that under the new government he’ll no longer be able to stay at a B’n’B
66 RT @davidschneider: David Laws. Why hide who you cohabit with? If you want a loving, consensual relationship with the Tories, that’s fine.
66 RT @skynewsbreak: David Laws, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has resigned with immediate effect after revelations over his expenses.
62 RT @tom watson: Via @epolitix Whatever your view of David Laws, Tony Grew’s article is the day’s must read: http://bit.ly/aXPslU
58 RT @krishgm: Listening to all the pious tributes to David Laws one wonders quite how Britain ever managed without him….
43 RT @LloydieJL: David Laws saved us money and tried to keep a private life. I admire him greatly. #ISupportLaws
42 RT @BreakingNews: British Treasury official David Laws resigns after admitting he used taxpayer money to pay rent to his partner http://bit.ly/brPZOw
40 RT @SallyBercow: What is George Osborne gonna do without “I’ll let David explain the details” Laws? Hope he’s got Economics 4 Dummies….
35 RT @krishgm: the rules seem clear on David Laws just because a partner is secret (gay or straight) doesn’t exempt them

If you’d like more detail on David Law’s topic, or another topic analysed in context please let us know. The Twitter search application can only go far back as approximately two weeks and due to the twitter API it may not contain all tweets made on this subject.

We can analyse blogs, forums, and twitter comments seperately or combine all comments to demonstrate a wider picture on a topic across all these digital sources.

Please get in touch if you’d like further details.

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