Contextual analysis of "Who should the Lib Dems work with?"

With a decision by the Liberal Democrats on who they will agree to form a coalition government with due today, we have analysed over 1,000 comments on the question “Who should the lib dems work with“.

The analysis showed the words that are in context with the word “lib” – i.e. when people discuss the Liberal Democrats what themes emerge, and what is closest in context?

The analysis showed clearly that the overwhelming majority of people are discussing a Conservative – Liberal Democrat government, with Labour far behind (coming through as “lab” in this analysis).

This would seem to indicate that the majority of the people commenting on the BBC believe that the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition is the only viable option. However our previous analysis has shown that this is not without its risks for Nick Clegg and the Liberals.

We will continue this analysis in the coming days once the decision by the Liberals has been made.

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