Arsenal football fan views: contextual analysis

Following on the previous blog post, which analysed data from a Liverpool forum, we are now focusing on a data from a couple of Arsenal forums, where a different underlying social demographic can be seen. This can be seen by referring to the online poll that is shown at one of the sites here, and which shows Labour very much in last place, in contrast to the poll results on the Liverpool web site which can be seen here.

To allow the two sites to be compared, we will repeat the exact same analysis as previously. To start off, let’s look at the contextual analysis of the Labour party. Here we can see a mixture of positive and negative words, with tax and debt being major themes coming through. We also see words such as ‘worst’, ‘worse’, ‘regulation’, ‘alternative’ and ‘mess’ coming through in context with Labour.

When we turn to the Conservatives, we see a number of positive words coming through like ‘deserve’, ‘chance’, ‘better’ and ‘alternative’. Certainly the overall trend is much more positive for them in comparison to Labour.

If we turn to the Liberal Democrats, we see the word ‘friendly’ close in context which is a strange word for a political party and not necessarily a good word to have in context. Another interesting theme to come through are the words ‘football’ and ‘fan’ with ‘reform’. This is likely to be due to the policies of the Liberal Democrats who are behind proposals to allow standing sections in football stadia, which many football fans would like to see.

We will continue this type of analysis in the next few days in the run up to the elections.

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