MumsNet comments: contextual analysis

For this piece of analysis, we will focus on data taken from, a website especially for parents, put together by parents. The demographic of the users is overwhelmingly female.

They have also been running their own polls, which you can view here.

The first piece of analysis focuses on Nick Clegg, who according to the poll is the overwhelming favourite from this site. As you would expect, the word ‘best’ can be found close in context to Nick Clegg, with Cameron also coming close. Other interesting words coming through in context with Nick Clegg are ‘well’, ‘good’, ‘won’ and ‘interesting’.

We can follow this analysis up with the same contextual analysis on David Cameron. Here we see a number of rather negative words such as ‘nervous’, ‘second’, ‘insincere’, ‘disdain’, ‘pants’, ‘slimy’. However there are a number of surprisingly positive words such as ‘shag’ and ‘marry’, which are perhaps out of place in a political debate.

Finally, we can look at the analysis of Gordon Brown. We also see the word ‘second’ coming through in context with Brown, as well as a number of positive words such as ‘relaxed’, ‘winning’, ‘surprisingly’, ‘agree’, ‘strong’. There are negative words in there too, such as ‘rebuttals’, ‘preached’, ‘bums’, ‘terrible’ and ‘tied’. We also see ‘Blair’ coming through in context with Gordon Brown – whether this is positive or negative will depend on how Blair is perceived in the electorate these days.

We will continue this analysis in the days running up to the election.

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