Reaction to final TV debate

The last TV debate took place last night and initially our analysis will focus on the major themes that come through online comments. This analysis was conducted on the BBC HYS online forum, and we will extend our analysis to other online data in the coming days.

The analysis for Nick Clegg is shown below.

The analysis for David Cameron is shown below.

The analysis for Gordon Brown is shown below.

It is interesting to note that there are more words in context with Gordon Brown, implying that there is more discussion on his performance in last night’s debate. It is also interesting to note that the words associated with David Cameron are largely negative.

It can also be seen that the main policy points of each of the party leaders comes through the analysis, with key words for Nick Clegg being: immigration, amnesty, immigrants; for David Cameron: tax, inheritance, economy, rich; and Gordon Brown: economy, tax, housing, benefits, banks.

The word ‘won’ can be seen in the analysis for all three party leaders, showing that the public opinion is now beginning to polarise, with an increasing number of people having already made up their mind as to who they think won the debate and who they will likely vote for.

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