How can we analyse tweets in a foreign language?

Recent analysis using the Brand Aura: discover tool undertaken during the French elections resulted in analysis published online.  This looked at what the French populace were thinking and discussing during the live TV debate through twitter as well as in the run up to the election day and also the reaction to Hollande being elected as President of France.

An example of the type of analysis that was published can be seen in the figure below.  This shows the main topics under discussion during the live TV debate and is hard for us to understand as it is (understandably) all in French.

The main topics under discussion by the French during the live TV debate

However it is possible for us to investigate the analysis shown here, and understand this in English (or another language if that suits us better).

Let’s start with the word in the top left of the centre circle: emploi.  We can look at the words in context of this word by clicking here (will open in a new window).

This analysis is still all in French which isn’t much good to us unless we can already understand French.  However, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you should see a combo box with the words ‘Select Language’.  If you choose English as your preferred language (at the top of the list), then the word cloud will automatically be translated into English.

We can now see that the word emploi means employment.  We can also see that some of the words that are shown in the above figure have been translated for us: for example minable means pathetic and is in very close context to the main word of employment.  Evidently there is a big problem with employment in France.

Note that not all the words shown in the figure are in the word cloud shown here since the figure above collates words from the whole of the TV debate whereas this word cloud analysis is looking at a specific time frame of 30 minutes of data only.

We can investigate some of the other words in the same way.

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