French elections

The Brand Aura: discover tool has been used to give an insight into the recent French elections.

Tweets were downloaded during the live TV debate between the two Presidential hopefuls, and also subsequently to look at how voters reacted to the election of Hollande.  It is worth noting that the tweets are almost all in French, since it is the French populace who are discussing this event.  The subsequent analysis is also in French, but using the Brand Aura: discover tool it is possible to analyse this in English.

To view the original analysis (in French) simply click on the relevant links: to see the analysis of the TV debate, click here; to see the reaction of the populace to the election of Hollande to President, click here.

The power of the Brand Aura: discover tool can truly be seen when we try to gain an understanding in English of what was said.  It is possible (and very simple) to do this using the Brand Aura: discover tool – for example, to view analysis from the night of the TV debate click here (will open in new window).

Initially this analysis will be shown in French, with the word ‘immigration’ in the centre of the contextual analysis and words surrounding it in context, with the closer the word is to the centre, then the closer the word is in context in our analysis.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a drop down box which will allow you to select ‘English’ as the language to translate to.  This will translate the French words into English so that you are able to examine the issues that came up in discussion with ‘immigration’ during this period of the evening during the live TV debate (the analysis covers 30 minutes of the period only, as this is approximately how long each topic was discussed for).

Other words can also be searched for by using the box near the top of the page.

This once again shows the power of the contextual analysis approach – it is possible to undertake analysis in languages other than your own, without affecting your ability to draw insights into what is being said on your topic.

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