Celebrity Big Brother – the participants

Brand Aura: discover has analysed the Twitter data between 8pm and 10pm on the night of the launch of Celebrity Big Brother.  We will go through each contestant in turn to give an early indication of which contestants are set to do well as the series continues.

Firstly, before looking at each contestants first name in the Brand Aura: discover tool, we can make some general observations from non-person specific key words.  When looking at the word ‘loving’, ‘Amy’ and ‘mskkatona’ appear in close proximity in the word cloud analysis, suggesting Amy Childs and Kerry Katona are early favourites.  Keywords ‘celebbb’ and ‘bbuk’ bring forth references to ‘Kerry’, ‘Amy’ and ‘Paddy’ illustrating the strong connection between these contestants and the viewers.

However, the references to Kerry in particular are not entirely favourable.  The search term ‘celebbb’ as well as showing ‘Kerry’ in close context also shows the words ‘could’, ‘send’ and ‘edge’.  The meaning from this is clear – having experienced well publicised breakdowns in the past, viewers are concerned for Kerry’s mental well-being in the house.  While not being complimentary of Kerry’s mental strength, it could prove a ratings draw for the programme itself, as Vanessa Feltz’s behaviour did for a previous series of Celebrity Big Brother.  Kerry clearly divides the Twitter audience, with her name found in high proximity to the word ‘worst’ in the Brand Aura: discover analysis.  Kerry is not the only contestant to appear in close proximity to the word ‘worst’;  ‘childs’ also appears, suggesting contradictory views of Amy Childs also.

We will now concentrate on the Brand Aura: discover analysis of each contestant in turn.  When we use ‘Kerry’ as a keyword, the duality of opinion mentioned above is clear.  On the one hand, we see positive words such as ‘love’ and ‘nice’.  On the negative, terms such as ‘snide’, ‘nasty’ and ‘tired’ appear in close proximity to the search word ‘Kerry’ in the Brand Aura: discover analysis.  Kerry’s previous history is also alluded to with words such as ‘crack’ and ‘snorts’.  As a contestant, Kerry Katona is one the Twitter users love or loath, but also one that people love to talk about.

Turning to the Brand Aura: discover analysis of Amy Childs, using the keyword ‘Amy’, we discover a pretty positive hue.  Critically, the word ‘win’ appears in close proximity, which singles Amy out as an early front runner to win Big Brother.  Other complimentary terms such as ‘great’, ‘love’, ‘funny’ and ‘loving’ also are closely related to ‘Amy’ in the word cloud, reinforcing the positive impression.  The twitter analysis shows that people have a generous attitude towards Amy with the words ‘good’ and ‘luck’ showing in our analysis.  Only time will tell if Amy Childs can keep this sentiment going while she is in the house, clearly that depends on the viewer’s opinion of her behaviour going forward.

Two other contestants are mentioned in context with the word ‘win’ in the Brand Aura: discover analysis, those being Jedward and Paddy Doherty.  As we have seen above, Paddy has appeared in context with ‘bbuk’, showing a strong level of interest in his appearance on the show.  When we look at the word ‘Paddy’, the word ‘win’ appears in close proximity in the word cloud, as well as the accompanying words ‘bet’ and gonna’.  Clearly, the Twitter users have put Paddy Doherty as a strong favourite to win.  As mentioned previously Jedward also appear in context with the word ‘win’.  When we examine the Brand Aura: discover results for the term ‘Jedward’ the opinion is decidedly more mixed with words like ‘fuck’, ‘off’ and ‘out’, ‘now’ appearing alongside ‘win’ and ‘love’.  Jedward are, like Kerry, a Marmite-like contestant.

Darryn Lyons comes through in the Brand Aura: discover analysis as the character Twitter users are most cynical of. Words closely associated with ‘Darryn’ include from ‘least’, ‘ego’, ‘exposure’, ‘enough’, ‘money’.  The Brand Aura: discover analysis shows Twitter users speculating on the reasons Darryn has entered the house, and showing their cynical side by closely associating Darryn with money, exposure and ego.  None of this is surprising considering his occupation outside the BB house, however it shows that Darryn will have to work hard inside the house to gain a level of popularity in order to get viewers to vote for him.

The Brand Aura analysis of Bobby Sabel and Lucien Laviscount are broadly similar to each other.  Words like ‘ohhhh’, ‘excited’, ‘marry’ appear in close proximity to both contestants, with Lucien receiving slightly more complimentary words including ‘brill’, ‘follow’ and ‘xxxxx’.  Both contestants are admired for their physical appeal, however this is a short term effect and may not translate into long term votes from the viewers.  It definitely gives both Bobby and Lucien an advantage on entering the house though!

There is little real interest in Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff as a contestant, with most of the discussion being around ascertaining who she is.  Words like ‘Baywatch’, Pamela’, ‘Anderson’ are examples of that appear in close connection with ‘Pamela’.  The same could also be said of fellow contestant Sally Bercow.  Words appearing in context with ‘Sally’ include ‘husband’, ‘speaker’ and ‘commons’ as her identity is confirmed.  Also appearing in close connection to ‘Sally’ are words like ‘global’, ‘recession’, ‘economic’, ‘meltdown’ and ‘fears’.  Sally Bercow’s close connection with the government, and the economic situation (although she is a member of the Labour party) could see her resented for making money out of her celebrity status.

Lastly,Tara Reid. The Brand Aura: discover analysis shows the words ‘kerry’ and ‘amy’ in very close proximity to ‘tara’ in the word cloud.  Tara is being compared with Kerry and Amy, whom, as we have seen above have very definite opinions formed out them.  In contrast, the word cloud for ‘Tara’ is fairly uninteresting, the only word that sticks out being ‘euughhh’.  Tara Reid will have to establish herself as a personality early on in the Big Brother house to gain some followers quickly.

This analysis was based on data gathered from Twitter on the launch of Celebrity Big Brother, and as such, shows the intial impression of each contestant as they enter the Big Brother house.  How this changes over the course of the show is yet to be seen, but the Brand Aura: discover analysis outlines the base from which they start.  As you can see, people’s initial impressions of them mean they are not all on an equal footing….

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