Big Brother: first night on a new channel – is the brand still live and kicking?


The Big Brother launch was on air from 9pm on Channel Five.  Until then, the lineup had been gossiped about but not confirmed.  Therefore, this article is looking specifically at the Twitter data between 8pm – 10pm on the night of the launch when the show was on air and viewers had confirmation of the participants in the show.

Firstly, the Brand Aura: discover anlysis shows that Big Brother fans are still out there.  Looking at the word ‘loving’ we can see it linked with ‘bbuk’, ‘celebbb’.  Words like ‘funny’, ‘loved’, and ‘hooked’ were also closely correlated with ‘loving’ showing an high level of enthusiasm for the programme.  Fans were excited at the launch, and positive that they were getting a chance to see it after it was cancelled by Channel Four – the word ‘seeing’ and ‘again’ were closely associated with ‘loving’.

The words ‘Celebbb’ and ‘bbuk’ brought forth a few positive words such as ‘right’ and ‘works’ but were not strongly positive.  This ambivalence is more strongly seen when we look at the word ‘watch’.  Strongly negative words such as ‘never’ and ‘why’, ‘would’, ‘anyone’ are strongly associated with the word ‘watch’.  From the twitter data, the Brand Aura: discover analysis shows a negative sentiment coming through.  This can be clearly seen by looking at the words ‘worst’ and ‘crap’ as keywords.  Words closely associated with the search term ‘worst’ are ‘lineup’, ‘ever’, ‘watched’, ‘nightmare’ and ‘contestants’.  Starting out with a negative word like ‘worst’ would logically lead to negative keywords, but even having said that, this is a strong reaction from Twitter.  This is continued when we turn to the word ‘crap’.  Words like ‘slow’, ‘everything’, ‘lineup’ and ‘telly’ shows it is not a single or particular contestant that is being singled out but the show itself.

From the Brand Aura: discover analysis, we can say then that a strong level of enthusiasm for the brand has been severely mitigated by the negative reaction to the show itself and the lineup.   However, this is tempered by the fact that Twitter users are not necessarily viewers of the show, and so can exaggerate the negative sentiments beyond what is reasonably associated with the viewers of the show itself.  These factors taken together with the Brand Aura: discover analysis point to a polarised outlook of the programme, with highly positive on one hand and highly negative on the other.  And isn’t this clash of opinions what Big Brother is all about?

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