X Factor: It’s a ‘yes’ for Gary…but jury is still out on the girls

The first episode of the X Factor 2011 aired on Saturday, with three new judges:  Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland, with Louis Walsh completing the panel.  So, what is the Brand Aura: discover verdict on their performance?

As we have already reported, Gary was the clear winner in the volume of tweets he received on the night.  Now, Brand Aura: discover can reveal the context behind these tweets.

Looking at the key words of Gary & Barlow, we can see that most closely connected is ‘Simon’ – Gary is clearly being directly compared to previous head honcho Simon Cowell. Gary clearly comes out well in this comparison with words like ‘best’, fancy’, twinkle’ being closely associated with him.  The words ‘Matured’, ‘curry,’ ‘line’ appear next: the tweeters are repeating Gary’s line on the show where he said to a contestant ‘In what way have you matured? Because things mature nicely like red wine and cheese. But you’ve matured like a bad curry.’  This line was included in http://www.entertainmentwise.com as ‘Gary Barlow’s Insults of the Week.

Additionally, according to the Brand Aura: discover analysis, Gary seems to have already amassed a team of fans who refer to him using a nickname  – Gazza. Looking at the wordcloud for Gazza are where his fans opinion really comes into its own.  Words like ‘amazing’, ‘loving’, ‘oooh’, ‘fit’ are right up there as well as an immediate desire to group themselves behind Gary – ‘teamgary’ and ‘faircaptainbarlow’ show that the Gary Barlow fans know who they will be voting for.  Gary’s category is looking like a good bet for winning X Factor at this early stage!

Turning to the girls, the verdict is not as unanimous.  For starters, the volume of tweets for Kelly and Tulisa was significantly less than for Gary.

Looking at Brand Aura: discover wordcloud for Tulisa, it appears that most discussion was about the incident when a contestant launched a tirade of abuse directed at Tulisa and a bodyguard had to remove the contestant.  This is shown with words like ‘bodyguard’, guy’, ‘sorry’. Users on Twitter have clearly not made up their minds about Tulisa yet.

Turning to Kelly, she is clearly directly compared to other females, including Tulisa, Cheryl (a previous judge) and Frankie (from the Saturdays).  Her use of the word ‘freaking’ is highly mentioned!  More positively words like ‘love’, ‘real’, ‘liking’ and ‘personality’ show that the Twitter audience seem to be warmed to Kelly.

We can contrast the audience views of Tulisa and Kelly with that of the previous female judge, Cheryl Cole.  Looking at the words Cheryl and Chezza show that she is sorely missed.  Words like ‘miss’, ‘best’, ‘disappointed’, ‘amazing’ are closely correlated with Cheryl in the Brand Aura: discover analysis.

So, from the judges performance on the first show of X Factor 2011 and the Brand Aura: discover analysis we can say that  Gary has done a good job of replacing Simon and Kelly has had a warm response.  However no firm opinion has been made of Tulisa, and, importantly,  no-one has replaced Cheryl Cole as yet.

Note that you can repeat all of the above analysis yourself by going to http://brand-aura.com/wordcloud/, clicking on the X Factor link and searching for words in context.

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2 Responses to X Factor: It’s a ‘yes’ for Gary…but jury is still out on the girls

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  2. s says:

    i can’t find a single poll anywhere that says people don’t infinately preferr the new panel. gary’s my favourite (but he’s my favourite man in the world anyway, so i’m biased) and i like the 2 girls both in their own way. looking at xtra factor, kelly seems VERY lively, which is currently fun, but i hope it doesn’t become annoying. i loved the montage of all the judges talking about her american accent, especially the bits where tulisa put it on. those were brilliant, and if those 2 play around like during the show i’ll be thouroughly entertained. also, the gary/kelly dynamic seems to be shaping up to be very nice aswell, and they could be a powerful duo! (tbh, i’m allready hoping she does lulu on the next tour!)
    i mostly forgot louis was there tbh. and i certainly never missed any previous judges.

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