X Factor new judges – which one was the best?

We have downloaded tweets made over the weekend and looked at them in context in order to work out which of the judges the public liked the most.

The judges for this year are mostly new – with only Louis Walsh remaining from previous series – Gary Barlow (of Take That), Kelly Rowland (of Destiny’s child) and Tulisa Contostavlos (of N-Dubz) all joined as first time judges this year.

The first episode of this year’s X Factor aired in the UK on the 20th August, and we looked to analyse in context with words like ‘fave’, ‘best’, ‘great’ to see which of the judges has come out on top.

You can see our analysis in the figure below, which shows that Gary Barlow came out on top, with Tulisa and Kelly quite close to each other and Louis in last place.  It is unfortunate for Louis Walsh, being the only familiar face it is likely that little discussion of him will have taken place ahead of all the new judges, which may help explain quite how poorly he does.

Ranking of X Factor judges

Ranking of X Factor judges

We will look to do some more analysis on the X Factor and other reality TV shows in the coming days.

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  2. s says:

    wahay!!!! go on gaz! he was trending for like 4 hours sat night, and again on sunday! i loved him. in fairness though i loved them all.

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