BBC Sports Personality of the Year prediction 19th December

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We have been tracking twitter in order to give an indication as to what the public are thinking with regards to the BBC Sports Personality of the year. Again we are keeping track of every tweet that is being made in relation to this topic, and using our contextual analysis method to try to ascertain who is the most likely to win, and to also give further insight into the reasons behind the public’s voting intentions.

We have been tracking the tweets for the past week and the ranking of the contestants over this past week can be seen in the figure below:

BBC Sports Personality of the year ranking

The graph shows that Tony McCoy has been the favourite for most of the week, but that there has been some changes in the last few days. Based on yesterday’s data, he has dropped down with Phil Taylor and David Haye in particular having huge surges of tweets about them. However, unlike other reality shows, the public can only vote during the show itself. We will therefore look to analyse the tweets made during the show to give an indication of who is looking the most likely.

Based on all the tweets gathered thus far, Tony McCoy is still the overrall favourite to win, with Amy Williams likely to be the winning female contestant.

We will update the analysis during the show.

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