Difference of context with police during London riots

Looking at the twitter data associated with the English riots, the Brand Aura:discover tool shows a clear difference in association when different terms for the police are analysed. Using the keywords ‘feds’ and ‘met’ in the keyword search in Brand Aura:discover shows the terms are used from very different perspectives. The key word ‘feds‘ is a London slang name for the police, and ‘met’ is short for Metropolitan Police.

A striking difference between the keywords is the type of language used. The keyword ‘feds’ as a slang word can seen to be closely associated with the language of the street – ‘shudda’, ‘hittin’. The keyword ‘met’ on the other hand produces very much more proper language, the only exception being ‘legit’.

Looking first at the term ‘feds’ , Brand Aura:discover shows antagonistic and violent language closely associated with this key word. ‘Fucked’, ‘banged’ ‘hittin’ ‘playdirty’ are some of the words very closely associated in the word cloud that jump out.

Other words that closely follow the key word ‘feds’ are: pple, community, watch which reflect the idea as discussed in the Guardian on Saturday that points to de-individualisation and being part of a tribe as being key. As Professor Jack Levin said of the riots in the linked article ‘it was about reinforcing a sense of community’. Our analysis certainly agrees with this theme.

When looking at the words associated with the keyword ‘Met’, a difference picture emerges. Specific politicians are named in Cameron and Clegg. Looking further at Cameron shows an extremely negative view closely connected with his name, with words like corrupt, poor and unacceptable very closely associated in the Brand Aura: discover analysis.

An interest in police procedure can also be seen here with words like operation, resources, deal and disorder closely associated with the key word in the Brand Aura: discover analysis.

If you would like to repeat any of this analysis, simply go to the weblink http://brand-aura.com/wordcloud/, click on the link for the riots data, and type in the words that you wish to analyse, such as ‘feds’ or ‘met’. Clicking on any word in the subsequent wordcloud will make it the centre of the analysis, with any words surrounding it being found in context with this word. The closer the other words are to the centre, the closer they were found in context with the particular word under analysis.  For example, another slang word for the police is ‘pigs’ – the resultant contextual analysis for this word is also interesting.

If you would like any more information about the Brand Aura: discover tool, please contact andrew@brand-aura.com for further information.

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