Brand Aura Product Launch: discover

Brand Aura Product Launch

level 1 : discover

Good marketing campaigns start with the question “what do we know”?

Great ones start with “what don’t we know?”

When looking at new territories, new markets, new opportunities, product development, brand extensions or, well, anything new really, the blank sheet of paper stage is the hardest of all.

Primary and secondary market research is a key part of course – but we think millions of pounds is spent in a wasteful or unfocussed way because brand managers and planners don’t know what they don’t know.

Brand Aura discover is here to help.

By listening to the existing conversations on the internet right now in your chosen area and bringing you the results in a manageable, intuitive way, we help you conduct your basic spadework to the point that you are ready to shape a proposal or commission primary research into the field.

You can spend tens of thousands – maybe more – of pounds, euro or dollars to get the basic intel you’re looking for. Or you can use us, and have a better insight at lower cost.

By simply giving the team at Brand Aura some search terms to go on, we’ll build you a picture of what’s going on. We can do this over time and show you trending analysis if you want. And our data will allow you to ask the most powerful question for marketers – why? We’ll give you the context in which people are mentioning, say, Car Brand X, rather than simple word counts or basic sentiment analysis.

Costs start from just £2,000 for basic analysis of conversations on twitter over a defined time period. If you want us to reach deeper behind the sofa cushions of the internet, we’re pleased to do so, and we’ll work with you to generate a custom package. We think the value you’ll get and the money you’ll save on your other research will more than pay for itself.

Brand Aura discover is the head start you’ve been looking for.

You can play with a web demo version of the technology at this link, follow the instructions to explore the data set of your choice from the ones listed.

Contact Steve Bone for more information and to discuss the package that best suits your needs.

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