How effective are your marketing campaigns?

So you have commissioned a new advertising campaign. It includes digital marketing as well as traditional channels. You’ve even got a new Facebook page and a strategy to get your customers to “like” you.

How do you measure the ROI? Ok, you are told that there are indirect measurements that will tie in activity against this particular campaign. But do they just take credit for purchases that were going to be made anyway?

This is not a new question. And the methods to examine the answer are not cheap and suffer the same flaws as the original market research pieces that were probably used to define this very campaign.

So can the question even be asked?

Well, perhaps we should try to break down what the question means.

Ultimately any campaign is about increasing sales, and so if we see the bottom line on an upward curve, then we could say that the campaign has been successful. But has it? Are the reasons people bought the product down to any particular marketing campaigns?

By using social media we can actually start to answer this question.  For example, we can monitor what types of words people use around a brand before, during and after a particular campaign.

Do the words change?  Does the marketing activity affect the words that are used?  i.e. if the advertising promotes the brand as ‘fruity’ does it start to be called ‘fruity’ by the public?

And how long does this last?  Does the advertising need to continue (at great expense) to keep this key product feature in the public’s eye?

Only contextual analysis gives you the ability to do all of the above.  The great benefit from this is that you as a brand owner understand your product better, what the public likes about your brand, and what it doesn’t.  And perhaps as importantly, what differentiates your brand from your competitors.

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  1. Henry Kelly says:

    Internet/Digital Marketing is still and emerging field that we’re just scratching the surface. With any on-line technologies and field those that master the in person/offline methods too are what we call the true gurus of the industry. They’re creating a brand new way of branding and organization interaction thats not one sided in any direction but a holistic approach. The jobs which will flurish from this industry is going to be similar to the introduction of the personal laptop or computer and the progaming field. My suggestion for any person is to read, discover, and innovate. Tradional methods still apply in a digital world.

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