What do we do?

What can contextual analysis give you that sentiment analysis does not?

Well, we do not use NLP (i.e. Natural Language Processing) unlike everyone else, and we’re not trying to mimic the plethora of sentiment analysis companies that are ubiquitous these days.

We can tell you what words are important for your brand. We can do this based on comments made on twitter, or on forums, or even using your own data, such as emails that are sent to your complaints department.

Let’s put this another way. Sentiment analysis works ok if you already know what you’re looking for. However we live in a changing world, and what is an important issue one day is irrelevant the next.

We can work out what is important for your brand/product. We can do the same for your competitors. We can tell you what is different between you and them. We can also track this over time, so that you can measure the effect of any marketing campaigns that you do.

And we do all this in context. Which means that we’re more than a simple word search or word filter.

We’re also not limited to English. We can do any language – although we may need help in translating the key words that we find but Google is pretty good at that! :)

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