Strictly Come Dancing prediction 17th December

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To continue with our theme of analysing reality TV shows, we thought we’d look at the twitter data for Strictly Come Dancing, which has its final show this weekend.

Whereas the X Factor resulted in almost one quarter of a million tweets on a single Saturday night for analysis, Strictly has a much lower tweet count, with almost 25,000 tweets being made over the past week, including last weekend.

Will this affect our analysis? Only time will tell. However clear trends in the data can be seen, and if we repeat the analysis that we undertook for the X Factor, then likely ordering based on twitter data is:

  1. Matt Baker
  2. Kara Tointon
  3. Pamela Stephenson
So this has Matt Baker as the clear favourite.  However if we look at their dancing partners, who are not celebrities, then we see a different ordering:
  1. Artem
  2. James
  3. Aliona
The number of tweets of the celebrities is much greater than that of their dancing partners, so this difference is unlikely to affect the result.  However it does show that if people could vote for the dancing partner only, then it might result in a different winner.
We will repeat the analysis tomorrow to see if there are any late surges by any of the contestants.
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