Cher contextual analysis

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So was it surprising that Cher reached the bottom two yesterday? Certainly, she was not bottom two according to the twitter comments but as we know, this is not necessarily reflective of the voting public.

As we have seen from previous weeks, it is clear that some contestants garner a large support despite not being tweeted about (see Paije until this week and also Mary), whereas others have a large body of apparent support on twitter but find themselves in the bottom two (see Katie before this week for example of this).

Cher also has a large body of support on twitter, but what does her support look like when we examine what is being said about her in context?

If we analyse the data from Sunday up until the show (i.e. before 8pm) then we see some surprising results. The picture below shows words that are in context with Cher. The closer the word is to the centre, the closer in context to Cher that word is.

We see a large number of negative words such as: bottom, annoying, rubbish, crap, tank. There is some good sentiment type words too but there are fewer of them, such as: good, babe.

This comes from people tweeting on the Sunday, so perhaps reflects more the view of the general public and not her ardent fans who will have enjoyed whatever she did.

We can do the same analysis for Rebecca, who based on Saturday’s tweets we had in the bottom two. This analysis can be seen in the figure below, where as before the closer the word is to the centre, then the closer in context that word is to Rebecca.

Here we can see that although there is some negative sentiment such as: murdering, hate, crap. However we see alot of positive sentiment also coming through such as: vote, favorite, want, win, supporting, love. We also see a fair amount of context coming through based on what Rebecca was wearing, such as: wearing, vintage, necklace.

This shows much more positive analysis than Cher over the same period (Sunday up until the 8pm results show). We will extend this analysis over the week to look at how changing context on the Sunday reflects the public’s opinion on the voting result and subsequent loss of Paije from the competition.


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