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What is the difference between contextual and sentiment analysis?

Many companies are now convinced of the merits of sentiment analysis.  It gives them an instant snapshot of the public’s view of their brand or products. But what if the sentiment changes?  Does it automatically tell them why?  Well, the … Continue reading

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How effective are your marketing campaigns?

So you have commissioned a new advertising campaign. It includes digital marketing as well as traditional channels. You’ve even got a new Facebook page and a strategy to get your customers to “like” you. How do you measure the ROI? … Continue reading

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What do we do?

What can contextual analysis give you that sentiment analysis does not? Well, we do not use NLP (i.e. Natural Language Processing) unlike everyone else, and we’re not trying to mimic the plethora of sentiment analysis companies that are ubiquitous these … Continue reading

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Contextual vs Sentiment analysis

Most if not all social media monitoring companies offer a mix of various technologies including sentiment analysis tools. However, numerous studies have shown that sentiment analysis is often not very accurate and also does not give a real insight into … Continue reading

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