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How can we analyse tweets in a foreign language?

Recent analysis using the Brand Aura: discover tool undertaken during the French elections resulted in analysis published online.  This looked at what the French populace were thinking and discussing during the live TV debate through twitter as well as in … Continue reading

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French elections

The Brand Aura: discover tool has been used to give an insight into the recent French elections. Tweets were downloaded during the live TV debate between the two Presidential hopefuls, and also subsequently to look at how voters reacted to … Continue reading

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Celebrity Big Brother – analysis from opening night

We have been asked to do some analysis on Celebrity Big Brother, and so we have looked to focus first of all on the opening night.  As usual, we have focused on data from twitter, and downloaded anything relating to … Continue reading

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X Factor new judges – which one was the best?

We have downloaded tweets made over the weekend and looked at them in context in order to work out which of the judges the public liked the most. The judges for this year are mostly new – with only Louis … Continue reading

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Police used twitter and Blackberry messenger to thwart riots

A recent article on the BBC news site describes how the police used twitter to identify new targets for rioters but that very quickly they were swamped with the number of tweets and comments that were being made. In addition, they … Continue reading

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Contextual analysis of tweets made during London riots

We have published a short whitepaper that analyses the tweets made over the weekend of the 6-8th August.  The tweets downloaded were filtered simply on having either the word ‘riot’ or ‘rebroadcast’, since this was one of the words used … Continue reading

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True language independence for social media analysis

One issue facing many companies today is that their markets are spread across the world.  Nowhere is that more apparent than in Europe that has a number of countries and cultures, each with its own specific language. This can make … Continue reading

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Brand Aura Product Launch: discover

Brand Aura Product Launch level 1 : discover Good marketing campaigns start with the question “what do we know”? Great ones start with “what don’t we know?” When looking at new territories, new markets, new opportunities, product development, brand extensions … Continue reading

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Social Media, the new exit poll?

An interesting article on Adweek today discusses how twitter can be used to determine the winner in US New Hampshire presidential debate. The article shows how sentiment analysis can be used to give an overview of people’s instant reaction on … Continue reading

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Can social media give true market intelligence?

To gather market intelligence, traditionally it is necessary to undertake expensive, and slow, studies.  Even a desktop study that does not actually interview anyone can be expensive and you can sometimes still be waiting weeks for the results. Unfortunately traditional … Continue reading

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