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Andrew 15 April, 2011 What we are

Brand Aura is a new way to analyse social media.

You can already analyse the sentiment of your product or brand using any number of companies. But these use lists of words that are already pre-determined.

We don't use lists of words. Our approach is completely different.

We can tell you what words are in context with your brand. What words are in context with your product. We are also language independent, from English to Chinese, German to Taiwanese.

We can compare products or brands against each other.

And we can track this over time.

No-one else can do this, and no-one else can give you the insight as to what words you should be tracking with your sentiment analysis tools.

Imagine undertaking a market research project, and only asking "Do you like this product?". No follow up questions, no insight into why they do or do not like the product. That is all you can achieve with sentiment analysis. We can explain the why.

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Andrew 15 April, 2010 Comments

Interested in learning more? We have published a number of white papers which you can view in the whitepapers section.